Our First Pug


Our First Pug

Marksville Caramello

aka "Muffin".



Although We Never Made Her Up A Show Champion She Was Our Champion In Every Sense Of The Word.
This Is Not To Say She Not Could Show What She Was Made Of In The Ring.
Bought As A Pet For My Daughter We Were Invited Along To A Pug Championship Show For Fun Day.

We Had Never Been To A Dog Show Before.
It Was Explained To Me What Classes I Could Enter But Nobody Said To Enter Only One.
I Entered All Of Classes Hoping To Win Just One ! 
I Wondered Why The Other Exhibitors looked At Us Funny   :)
Well Our Muffy Won All Of The Classes Entered AND She "SHOWED E'M" When She Won "BEST BITCH" At The Show !


No Kidding :)




The Show Results.

The Auckland Pug Dog Championship Show 31.10.92

Judge: Mr Jack Davis NSW AUSTRALIA.
51 Entries.


BEST IN SHOW. BEST DOG                 NZ Ch Sledge of Hollyhaven (Teresa Friis)
                                                                       (NZs First Grand Champion Pug)
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW                     Alfie of Hollyhaven (Heather Christieson)
BEST BITCH IN SHOW                          Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
& BEST PUPPY IN SHOW                     Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW        Hollyhaven Jason (B. Fairbrother I. Richards)
RESERVE BEST BITCH                          NZ Ch Ahuriri Jennifer (B. Fairbrother I. Richards)
BEST OPEN                                            Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
Opp BEST OPEN                                    NZ Ch Gilgai Mr Jinx (imp Aust) (B.Fairbrother I. Richards)
BEST VETERAN                                      NZ Ch Rhosenor Bing (Reidy)
BEST STUD                                             NZ Ch Sledge of Hollyhaven (Teresa Friis)
BEST BROOD                                         NZ CH Marksville Miss Hot Shot (Julie Hudson)
BEST NZ BRED                                       NZ Ch Le Ziggy of Shavella (Julie Hudson)
Opp BEST NZ BRED                               Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
BEST LIMIT                                            Alfie of Hollyhaven (Heather Christieson)
Opp BEST LIMIT                                    Kelmaris Virgina (Gaye Brennan)
BEST INTERMEDIATE                            Marksville Harum Scarum (Reidy)
Opp BEST INTERMEDIATE                    NZ  Ch  Ahuriri  Jennifer (B. Fairbrother I. Richards)
BEST JUNIOR                                         NZ Ch Glomar Courtney (Penny Ward)
Opp BEST JUNIOR                                 Lulmac Genoviva (Penny Ward)
BEST NOVICE                                        Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
Opp BEST NOVICE                                Hollyhaven Ashley (Selkirk)
BEST PUPPY 6-12 months                   Marksville Caramello (Nicola Clarke)
Opp BEST PUPPY 6-12 Months           Hollyhaven Jason (B. Fairbrother I. Richards)
BEST MINOR PUPPY                              Hollyhaven Jason (B.Fairbrother I.Richards)
opp BEST MINOR  PUPPY                     Hollyhaven Mary Lou (B.Fairbrother I.Richards)
BEST BABY PUPPY                                Silver Beau of Shavella (Maxwell)
Opp BEST BABY PUPPY                        Abigale of Shavella (Gaye Brennan)



Marksville Caramello at 14 Years Old.


















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